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Illegal: A New Musical - Community Benefits Fundraising Event - 6/17/22

May 6th is the 140th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act passed by the US Government in 1882. “Illegal: A New Musical” created by Skyler Chin presents a slice of history from this era and highlights the harrowing experience of his grandparents in their journey to American through Angle Island.  See introduction video to this musical.

In light of historic bigotry and recent surge in hate-crimes against Asian Americans, it is more important than ever that we must continue to examine history and witness the present – And band together, to not allow what happened perpetuates and to fight against any prejudice, discrimination and attacks on any group of any color, race, ethnicity or background.

UA3 is extremely proud to have co-hosted this event with OCA-NY with a great turn-out of audience from the community on June 17th. We are grateful to PS-130 for making the venue available, and to our sponsors, supporters and volunteers for helping to make this event a great success.  Please see video tribute to our sponsors at this event.